I’m trying to get an updated masterpost going around for new trekkies to find blogs that post Star Trek.





In an effort to draw new people in, I am trying to get a long list of Trek blogs together for people who may be looking to spruce up their dash.

If you post a lot of Star Trek (ANY FRANCHISE, AND REBOOT), reblog this, and I will add you to the list.

I’ll keep everyone tagged with a franchise as well, so feel free to add that information when you reblog.

Thank you!

I post tng, tos and reboot (:

tos rp

TOS, TAS, Reboot, TNG, with a sprinkle of DS9 and Voyager at times

Liveblogging TOS

ps you’re in a starship a couple light years away from the romulans…. they can’t hear you….. you don’t need to whisper